CoTiCon First-of-its-Kind in Cornwall

Heads up comic book enthusiasts! You can now participate in an array of events inspired for young fans of anime and comics right here in Cornwall. Think ComiCon, Cornwall style. After attending several conventions in other cities, seventeen-year old Annie Derochie realized the need to host a convention in the city. Thus came the creation of CoTicon.

“We saw a lot of people from Cornwall and surrounding area attending these events in Ottawa and Montreal. The convention would be full, and people would be waiting outside after travelling all that distance”, said Annie. “After meeting several individuals interested in this style of event, I decided to launch something similar here in Cornwall.”

CoTiConCoTiCon, or “Cornwall’s Tiny Convention”, is a cosplay-friendly convention with a full day of activities, including gaming, video screening, masquerade, skits and special guest panels featuring exhibitors and artists. Revisit your childhood and dress up in your favourite character! The program is aimed at youth and young adults, and is considered a family event, so participants are encouraged to dress modestly and refrain from any vulgarity.

“It is our intention to create a multi-media program that can bring like minded teenagers together in a fun atmosphere, that is drug and alcohol free”, explained Annie. “Teens like to dress up in costume and hang out, especially those who like Anime, video games and comics. CoTiCon will provide a much needed opportunity in a safe manner.”

Experience CoTiCon by participating in a picnic August 2nd being held at Charlottenburg Park, and the final conference event on August 30th, which all encourage costuming in your favourite character. You will be greeted by mystery guests, have the opportunity to win prizes for the best dressed character and can participate in photo shoots to document the evening.

“We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one big event”, she said. “We thought mini events would be a great opportunity for teenagers to meet and get to know each other a bit better before the big event. It’s fun and exciting to dress up and discuss topics that would be of similar interest to others in a great environment”.

The main convention will be Saturday, August 30th from 10am until 8pm at the Cornwall Civic Complex. Registration is payable in advance. To book your spot for CoTiCon, or for more information regarding schedules and fees, visit If you are interested in participating in the event as an exhibitor, artist or sponsor, e-mail

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