Where the Past Meets The Present

Located in historical Glengarry County,Cornerstone Farm is dedicated to reviving homesteading arts.

Owner Mitch Corriveau is passionate about the farm.

Cornerstone Farm OpeningCornerstone Farm was established with the intention of reviving many of the homesteading arts that are being forgotten and put aside for the appeal of the more modern lifestyle. From food production and preservation to raising livestock and stewardship of the land, the methods passed down from generations past are returning with the realization that many of the more recent

practices are not sustainable and take their toll on the health and well being of all, including the environment.”

One look at the activities on the farm and the products they offer, and you immediately feel the passion and love that goes into its operation.

The Millinery at Cornerstone Farm produces and sells distinctive clothing and clothing accessories made of soft, fine, natural fibers including soft wool from our flock of Shetland sheep,” explained Mr. Corriveau.  “Our products are made on location, on a small scale, allowing for unique and one of kind garments and accessories made of natural, renewable fibres, mainly soft lamb’s wool and luxurious kid mohair.”

The Millinery concentrates on felted hats and knitted accessories for women, but also items for all members of the family, including items for cold weather outdoor activities. Natural fibers are known for their warmth, durability and moisture wicking ability, making them an ever growing alternative to man-made fibers, and they offer a much lower carbon footprint than petroleum based fibres.

Products include hats, toques, mittens, socks, vests and even handbags and accessories, all made of natural fibers and some with up-cycled (the use of waste materials in the production of new products) materials so as to divert production waste away from overused landfill sites.

The Pantry at Cornerstone Farm is filled with the bounty provided by the gardens and orchards. From the beginning of spring when the Rhubarb leaves poke up out of the ground through the strawberry season, the harvest of veggies and into the fall apple season, the farm stocks the pantry. The rows of packed jars lining the shelves include jams and jellies, preserves and pickled items, chutneys and cider.

“I cannot describe the beauty and quality of the products from Cornerstone Farms,” said Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre Business Consultant Candy Pollard. “There is a natural beauty to the garments offered and the preserves are simply delicious.  With the interest that is increasing in hand made and home grown items, I am confident that Cornerstone Farm will establish itself as a favourite retailer in the region.”

Cornerstone Farm, Millinery and Pantry is located at 20189 Beaupre Road in Green Valley and are open Friday and Saturday 10am to 5pm and on Sunday from 11am to 3pm.  Visit them online at

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