Chores-No-More – property maintenance

With the warm weather and the arrival of summer comes plenty of vacation time and traveling. It also brings plenty of chores around the house and yard.  Keeping on top of the maintenance of your property and vehicles can be quite the challenge, and takes you away from the things that you would rather be doing. Owen Salmon, owner of Chores-No-More is here to help you with the hassle of chores so you can enjoy your summer.

Chores-No-More offers a variety of services such as lawn care, car washing, exterior painting, window cleaning, eaves trough cleaning, and grocery pick-up and delivery. Mr. Salmon’s business is the perfect service for anyone who struggles to do physical jobs or doesn’t have the proper equipment to get the job done correctly, quickly and easily.

“My service is appealing to customers that don’t like the hassle of maintaining their property,” Owen explained. “I want to give clients the opportunity to spend more time with family and enjoy the summer months.”

Chores-No-More operates Monday to Saturday in the SD&G and Cornwall area.

If you have a chore that needs doing and you want it done at an affordable price, call Owen at 613-762-6049 or e-mail for a free quote!

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