4th Film for 3Angels Power Film Production

Once again, for the fourth time 3Angels Power Film Production INC is providing an opportunity for local volunteer actors to shine through their unique production of a feature presentation titled  “Summer Rewind”.  The film is a mystery movie that implicates the aspect of horror through the use of supernatural, paranormal, and fiction.

The story is a spinoff of a previous film “Unfit Misfit”.  A new group will take the torch from the Spooky Gang members to carry on with solving a chain of mysteries ca
used by a trail of unexplained clues, and interesting and odd situations. The next generation of Spooky Gang members will take a stand, and make a difference by simply standing out with their own views and differences in theories, and analysis. Circumstantial evidence is introduced with every mystery, and the key remains hidden behind a pattern of clues left by a presumed suspect.

As per their usual process, 3Angels Power Film Production has been filming in several different locations throughout  the City of Cornwall and features local actors and actresses in the film.   They have also had the privilege to again work with Tony Stallone, an international independent wrestler/professional actor.

The Soundtrack for “Summer Rewind” will consist of music by various artists from around the world including: Tarock Music (Bruce Cohen, Rick Shaffer, and The Reds),  Rizo Balic, Elie Kallas, Christopher Chritofi, RYDA, Hope Wiseman and  Jeanne D’arc Karam.

“Summer Rewind” will be released before Christmas.

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