3Angels Are Back With Another Urban Legend Movie

October 25th, 2019

By Candy Pollard

3Angels Power Film Production INC is proud to come back with a new epic movie under the title of “Chi Ann Blaze of Fury”.

This film represents the birth of another urban legend that will rattle the community’s secure world with an unsolved case, a paranormal mystery that existed for many years. The story revolves around a powerful sentence; fear the ones who used to love, and turn to hate.

Once again, 3Angels Power intends to work on a significant social issue, and introduce the proper solutions in the form of indirect messages inserted throughout the movie as a remedy to treat the proposed situations.

The movie will be filmed in September, October, and November 2019. Casting became global with specific directions, and scenes to be filmed in different countries.  3Angels Power is a unique bridge today, connecting the world with their special projects, and building a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Officially, there are units from different countries.

  • In the USA – L.A unite (Julian Shine LA Crew Director, Adam Franklin, Anna Aarons, AR Schulman, Ash Nerve, Bailey Kurschner, Brad Roelandt, Charles Hand, David Allena, Eve Kujo, Gloria Rey, Jeremy Franchi, Jim Slade, Joey Gallimore, Lynn Romando, Nathan Faustyn, Scott Whiteman, Vera Drew, Vincent)
  • In Egypt – the Cairo unit (Nahed Mohamed Farid  the Cairo crew director in charge, professional young actors like Manar Shenawy, Islam Mohamed, Islam Magdy, Ahmed Eldsouky, Mohammed al Sherif, Ziad Hamdy, Mamdouh Shaaban among a few others including the well known legendary Egyptian actor Mohamed Farid).

Two other countries are discussing joining in before the movie filming dates are complete.

Meanwhile, the main local unit is based in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.  Some of the volunteer actors are top professionals, established, and well known like Tony Stallone (a Colombian Hollywood star/pro wrestler) while others are simply new faces or have been in previously produced 3Angels Power movies. The door is always open to all those who would like to shine, and live on screen forever.

“Chi Ann Blaze of Fury” will mark a whole new world of revenge.  It will define the struggle between love and hate. One question remains, will good prevail or evil get all the glory. Stay tuned to find out…

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