New Business Provides Space for Board Game Lovers

Hosting a game night can be a great way to connect with family and friends.  But what if you don’t own any games, or you’ve gotten bored with the games you do have?  Simon and Natalie Kember have the solution for you with their new business Above Board.

“Our vision for Above Board is that the space will provide people with the opportunity to share board games with friends and family and enjoy a smoothie or snack at the same time”, says Simon.   “We very much enjoy meeting new people and we’ve found that food and board games provide the perfect excuse to do just that.”

Located at 627 Pitt Street, Above Board welcomes both avid and occasional board game lovers, for a minimal cover charge.  Tables and chairs and a fairly large number of games are available to play with a few of your friends and family (ages 10+ please).  You may even be able to entice owners Natalie and Simon into a game from time to time!

“We have a selection of classic game favourites as well as some new and innovative games”, says Natalie.  “We even have games that are perfect for someone who is coming alone.  And if you are unsure of the rules, we can help you out with that.“

Currently you can purchase a healthy Smoothie, Latte, Cappuccino, Tea, Iced Coffee and a number of different snacks to enjoy as you play.  As the business grows, the owners anticipate that their offering of food and snacks will also grow.  The offering of games is also growing with new shipments arriving regularly.

Regular hours of operation are Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 9:30 pm, with occasional Fridays and Saturdays as posted on their website and facebook page.




Phone:  613-794-4451

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