Franchise Opportunities

Sometimes the best way to start a small business is to take advantage of a ready made solution. Franchises offer established business models and recognizable brand names. Franchises often prove to be a successful experience for the right entrepreneur.

Here is an explanation of some common terms:

Franchise: The business or business model being sold (eg. The UPS Store)
Franchisor: The company selling the franchise
Franchisee: The owner of the local business

Franchises are not for everybody. Top name franchises such as McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s are expensive to purchase. Typically, the cost of franchise will be directly proportional to the earnings potential.

If you are interested in what franchise opportunities may be available in Cornwall and SD&G, the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre can help. We have resources that you can utilize to help you determine the suitability of this business model for you.

The CBEC also keeps track (whenever possible) of currently available franchise opportunities. The following franchisors have recently indicated a desire to have a franchise in the area:

The above list has been provided for information only and is not meant to be comprehensive. The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre does not endorse any particular business.

If you would like more information on purchasing a franchise, or in starting your business, please contact us to make an appointment with the Business Consultant.