Xen Nature – Healthy and environmentally friendly

It’s no secret that using skin products containing natural ingredients is healthy and environmentally friendly. So when Pauline Shackleton noticed her children exhibiting patches of dry skin on their backs, legs and arms, she began to look at the soap and laundry detergent she was using.

Pauline ShackletonAfter reviewing the ingredients of the products she was using, she decided that changing to a more natural product with fewer preservatives and synthetic chemicals would likely be beneficial. This sparked the idea of creating her own soaps for skin and laundry, using traditional, all natural ingredients and soap making techniques. The results were immediate. Nearly overnight their skin problems were gone. Even more, she found that her own skin was much softer, moisturized and well nourished.

After family and friends tried out her products and then continually asked to purchase the soaps, Ms. Shackleton realized that they were not alone in their desire to use more natural products and decided to open, Xen Nature.

“We use Xen Nature soap at home, so I know firsthand the quality each product contains” explained Ms.  Shackleton. “I want our customers to be assured that only the finest ingredients are used in our products.”

The focus of Xen Nature is to create natural, healthy and safe products. Xen Nature also uses dōTERRA essential oils in certain soaps and carries single oils and oil blends for their natural health properties.

“As I worked at creating our soaps, I began learning about the benefits of essential oils and other grades of oils. I immediately saw huge health benefits,” explained Ms. Shackleton.

Xen Nature also carries fragranced soaps, and in certain products they do use cosmetic grade fragrance oils and FDA approved colorants. They are committed to always clearly identifying them to their customers and lean toward using natural, nourishing and healthy products when possible.

The goal of Xen Nature is not to be a premium brand, but rather to provide toxic free, healthy and nourishing soap that is affordable for everyone of any income.

Xen Nature is another example of a family who made the effort to solve a problem, and in the process discovered the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Candy Pollard of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.  “Ms. Shackleton and her family personally use their own products, and this should give Xen Naturecustomers the confidence that they are buying quality natural products. We certainly wish her much success!”

Xen Nature products are available for purchase online at