Being good at what you do is often the direct result of a natural ability coupled with a learned or nurtured skill.  Ron Burns recognized in himself certain abilities and traits that have now led him into the realm of entrepreneurship – curiosity, an enthusiasm for research, creativity and the love of a challenge.

trakmanMr. Burns is TrakMan, dedicated to finding the unfindable.

“Individuals looking to connect to lost friends and family has become very popular,” said Mr. Burns. “Whether it is simple curiosity, a desire to find a long lost family member, discovering our heritage or for financial reasons, people are looking for people.”

With the explosion of the internet over the past decade, the amount of information that is available is overwhelming and many people just do not know where to start, or get started only to run into roadblocks and become discouraged.  Trakman works to overcome these roadblocks and move forward in an effort to deliver the results the client is hoping to achieve.

TrakMan operates throughout the Country serving legal documents daily on behalf of Lawyers, local authorities, Government agencies, companies and private individuals.  With connections throughout North America and Western Europe and the latest in equipment and software, TrakMan provides the quickest possible turnaround on client needs.  Regular customer updates are provided on all Skip Tracing and family search projects.  They do also offer a 1 hour document pick-up from clients for Process Serving.

“There are many reasons for individuals or companies to use TrakMan services,”commented Candy Pollard of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.  “Having a local service like this, with associates all over North America and Western Europe certainly makes the service that much more advantageous.”

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