Entrepreneurship – Exciting & Terrifying!

In her own words, being an entrepreneur is “both exciting and terrifying at the same time”. However, it is the path that Sylvie Leroux-Lanthier has chosen to follow in opening her Virtual Assistant business.

Leroux-Lanthier_Sylvie_08282015“With Steps3 Plus I take ‘the extra steps for your business’ that many small businesses need”, explained Ms. Leroux-Lanthier.  “It took me awhile to name and describe what I wanted to do, but when I found the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants online, I knew exactly what it would be.”

The desire to see small businesses succeed in her hometown and in her country, is what fuels her.

“There are plenty of people who offer a wide variety of services and products to their community, but they struggle in the birth years of their business believing they have to do everything themselves.  For small businesses that is just not possible.  Partnering with a professional who charges by the minute is cost effective, and hiring a virtual assistant saves on your expenses and frees up your time to do the things that you love to do.  That is probably the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place.”

Steps3 Plus provides administrative, marketing, creative and organizational services.  New businesses needing the help of a part-time or full time employee, but who cannot afford that expense, or simply do not have the room for an employee, are able to obtain that assistance from a remote location.  With the power of the internet today and the ease with which we can communicate, virtual assistants are becoming more and more the norm.

Every virtual assistant is unique based on their particular skill set.  Ms. Leroux-Lanthier has 20 years of experience in administration and office management, production, advertising, graphic design and web creation.  Services are available on a one-time basis or on a regular on-going basis allowing business owners to make the best use of their finances exactly when and for what they need.

Business owners often struggle on certain aspects of their business.  Everyone has specific tasks where they are not experienced and therefore not as productive as they should be.  As opposed to spending hours doing something unproductive or less productive, why not hire someone who can do it better and in less time, and spend your own time doing what you do best?  In many cases the potential of earning more profit in those hours will more than cover the cost of hiring a virtual assistant to do the job.  It also reduces your stress and frustration, and sometimes you cannot put a price on that!

To discuss your needs or to contact Steps3 Plus, call 613-932-4483.