K.A.D. Equine Starting and Horse Life Day Camps 

Kaylee Arsenault has always had a passion for horses. Therefore, it only seemed fitting to start a business that would allow her to not only help and train horses, but KayleeArsenaultalso offer youngsters a chance to interact and learn about horses.

K.A.D. Equine Starting and Horse Life Day Camps will operate from June 26th to September 1st, 2017 at Normann-Dale Acres in Avonmore, Ontario. Kaylee will be offering a Day Camp for children 6-12 years of age that will include an introduction to horses. They will learn the fundamentals of horse care including: safety practices, barn management, chores, proper nutrition, foot care, and equine handling.

“This day camp will be a unique and fun way for children who love horses to learn about equine life,” says Kaylee. “I really look forward to sharing my knowledge about this type of lifestyle.”

Aside from day camp, K.A.D. Equine Starting and Horse Life Day Camp will also offer Equine Training and Rescue, Retrain, and Rehab. This will include assessments when necessary that will then lead into a complete training guide. Kaylee hopes that through the Rescue, Retrain, and Rehab, that she will be able to give equines a second chance.

To learn more about K.A.D. Equine Starting and Horse Life Day Camp, you can call 613-362-4600 or email